Saturday, March 23, 2013

Lookbook: Mint Green Skinnies

I'm finally some what getting in the groove of things. I just kinda finished editing my upcoming look book video for YouTube which I'm hoping to post by tomorrow. Well actually, my boyfriend was kind enough to do it for me. So awesome.

So this one of the looks in the video. I have two more outfits wearing these pants, so don't get sick of them yet.

I've been really loving these skinnies from Lamb and Flag. They're so stretchy and so comfortable. And the length is perfect for my petite size. And, I'm not sure if it's because it's officially spring here in LA that's making me want to wear these almost everyday, but whenever I'm getting ready to get dressed, my eyes gravitate to these pants.

As you may all know (or not know), mint is one of my favorite colors, next to pink. It all started with my first bottle of mint nail polish, Essie Mint Candy Apple. Ever since then, I feel the need to own every mint nail polish made even though they only vary slightly in tone. It just looks so pretty.

I've also been into men's wear lately whether it's inspired or borrowing the boyfriend's clothes. Fortunately, this v-neck hoodie has shrunk and it fits me nicely. It's a little bit loose and baggy, but that's how I've been liking my clothes lately.

And, I finally bought my yearly Valentine's Day present for myself. I got it a month late since I couldn't decide which bag to get. Last year, I fell in love with a Chanel tote, and this year I decided to go with the Balenciaga Arena Giant 12 Gold Town. I realized that I didn't have a black and gold bag yet, and I just really fell in love with the shape, hardware, and everything about this bag.

Photography by JMichael.LA

White v-neck hoodie: ZARA Men
Mint green skinny jeans: Lamb and Flag (find similar on Hudson)
Studded leopard print flats: ZARA
Gold large runway watch: Michael Kors (find similar on Amazon or Saks)



  1. You look so cute in that outfit! I bought some corduroy mint skinnies from American Eagle but they get saggy after a few hours of wear, and then they don't look cute anymore :(

  2. Wow sis!!! I'm loving the look!!! I love skinny jeans too but at my age... I don't think I could justify wearing different colours aside from blue and black! xxx

    1. Thank you so much. OMG! It's so nice to hear from you again! It's been awhile.

  3. Gorgeous! The mint color looks amazing!

  4. Love these mint skinny jeans! Looks so great on you! :)


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