Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Lookbook: Rose Denim Cut-Offs

Striped shirt: H&M (similar here)
Rose denim cut-offs: ZARA
Parka jacket: H&M
Bracelets: JewelMint in 'Mumbai'
Necklaces: JewelMint in 'High Noon' (recently worn here) and 'Lunar Blue' (invite) (also worn here)
Wide brim fedora with pin studs: ZARA
Bag: Balenciaga (recently worn here and here)

Boots: ZARA

Things I wear too much: 1) this hat; 2) that jacket, and 3) this bag. I always seem to grab these three items when I'm getting ready to head out. You may have also noticed it on my Instagram pictures that I'm wearing at least one of them.

This was what I wore for the Blogger Bazaar that happened a few weekends ago. Although my jacket was thin enough for a mild chilly weather, it became too hot for me to wear once we were inside the warehouse. Although it seemed like it happened many moons ago, the event had such a great turn out! It's always nice to see everyone in one roof.



  1. I Love this look! I think we all have those one or two key pieces in our wardrobe that we wear too much! Lol

  2. So cute! lol your hat, bag, and jacket are awesome pieces! :D

  3. Cute look!! I also have some things that i wear too much and sometimes without to notice that :D


  4. Uhh I love this coat! I am in need of an army coat :-)

    PS. You should get the Acne boots! I'd be lost without them!


  5. I Love the jacket! You are making me want an army coat!!!

    PS You should get the Acne boots, I'd be lost without them ;-)


  6. I'm loving this outfit!!! <3
    The mix of you hat and your army jacket is just perfect!

    xx, Carrie



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