Wednesday, May 22, 2013

ZARA Mid-Heel Sandals with Ankle Straps (in White and Tan) Review

ZARA Mid-Heel Sandals (Spring/Summer '13)  (link)
Reference No: 1509/201

Price: $49.90 USD
Heels: 3.35 inches Also available in black.

I received a number or questions about these shoes on my Instagram, after posting a quick preview of my ZARA shoe haul. I figured that I might as well dedicate a post on it since some of you have expressed interest in it.

 Outfit #1: Shirt: Joe's Jeans | Pants: Joe's Jeans (similar) | Hat: Zara (similar)
Outfit #2: Top: Forever 21 | Shorts: H&M | Clutch: DIY

Since Spring decided to drop by early for us, I'm lucky enough to be able to wear open toe shoes in March. I've worn these shoes a handful of times (as seen in my Instagram mirror shots), so I've had the chance to know the wear and feel of these shoes.

Comfort: The shoes were semi-comfortable. The chunky heels give the sandals a lot of support and the strap keeps your feet in place which makes walking a little easier, and it also helps that the heels are not that high. I was able to walk in these sandals without worrying about my ankles rolling if I ever step on a crack. Since the shoes don't have any platform in front, I wouldn't recommend wearing these for a long period of time or if you'll have to do some extensive walking. The ball of your heel will definitely feel it. I'd suggest to add some insoles for the ball of your feet for additional comfort. I didn't experience any blistering on the front strap of the sandal, but it did feel uncomfortable after walking in it for too long. I'm hoping that maybe after the sandals have been broken-in, the strap will feel a little bit more comfortable overtime. I did walk about half a mile in these shoes on the streets of LA, and I'll say that these shoes are definitely not meant for that. By the last step, the ball of my feet wanted to kick me in the face.

Quality: The shoes are made out of 100% Polyurethane (faux-leather) with rubber insoles. I've had good experiences with ZARA shoes' quality which is why I mostly buy my shoes there. My only gripe would probably be the strap on top of your foot since it's a little stiff. I love the design of the shoes especially with the ankle strap to help keep the sandals in place. I've walked these shoes in concrete and I didn't see any wear or tear in them yet. The heels are holding up nicely and the white strap of the sandals has remained white.

Fit: Fits true to size. Unfortunately, these shoes are only available in sizes 6-10 (including half-sizes for size 6 and 7).

Overall Thoughts: When I first saw this pair, I was more drawn to the aesthetics and less concern about the comfort. The shoes are not unbearable uncomfortable, but they're not the most comfortable shoes in the world either. They'll probably feel better if you're walking around in carpet floors (in an office space or parts of the mall) than spend a whole day shopping in it. I'm really into ankle strapped sandals right now and the minimalistic look. They're a great pair to wear with either shorts or rolled up/cuffed jeans for a polished yet casual look.



  1. I just love the look of these sandals!

  2. I was so torn when they took them down from the website!!


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