Wednesday, May 22, 2013

It's Always Sunny... in Palm Springs

It's Alway Sunny... in Palm Springs

I'm so excited for this weekend! I know it's only Wednesday, but my mind is already wandering to Palm Springs. It'll be my first time there ever. Almost every Memorial Day Weekend has been spent somewhere in Vegas. I told myself to limit the Vegas trips and try to go to other places I've never been. So the boyfriend booked a hotel for the weekend, and we'll be on our merry way to this giant oasis in the middle of no where.

I still need to pack, but I can't wait to relax, do nothing, bask under the sun, and drink some adult juice while the rest of LA experience a low 70 degree weather... not even cold enough to go to the beach.

My luggage will probably have one outfit that looks something like this. What better place to wear a wide brim fedora other than Palm Springs. I will definitely have my Zara hat in tow. And Equipment blouses are quickly becoming an obsession. Their shirt is just so damn soft. As far as bag goes, I currently have my eyes on the PS11 or PS1. It changes depending on my mood. Lastly, I can't believe that I found something similar to the shoes I previously pinned here. I haven't been into cut-out shoes lately, up until I saw some hybrid looking ones, and these Topshop shoes are close enough for me. Too bad they're out of my size.

So, what's are your plans for the long weekend? Fortunately, my weekend some what starts tomorrow! But I'll be in class for Beauty Lab at the new Youtube Space in Venice. It's a whole day shenanigan with other beauty/fashion Youtubers, and I'm really excited!



  1. Sounds like fun! Hopefully the drive to Palm Springs will be nice :)


    1. Thank you! Yes, the drive was actually pretty smooth. We left pretty early, so we didn't get stuck in traffic. Hope you had a good weekend!

  2. love your picks, esp. the PS11 bag!
    Have a great weekend!


  3. great items there to create a simple yet chic look - loving the shoes much!

    It will be awesome if you can check out my new inspiration post!


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