Monday, May 20, 2013

Lookbook: Polka Dots

I still have a few or maybe this might be the last batch of pictures when I had my long hair. Sometimes looking at old blog pictures, and especially this batch, makes me miss my hair. But I think about the times I save time getting ready when it comes to fixing my hair, then I change my mind. Either way, hair grows.

But one thing for sure is that after two years, I think I'm over my ombre hair. It's been a great accessory, and I loved being partially blonde. It's time for my next hair appointment. Sadly, it won't be until July since my favorite stylist is totally booked right now. Although I have met with my other old stylist, and after that appointment I wish that I just waited. I guess that's what I get for being impulsive and impatient. Again, hair grows.

Shirt | from Santee Alley (last seen here)
Bralette | Brandy Melville 
Necklace and Sunglasses | H&M 
Shorts | Necessary Clothing (last seen here)
Boots | Zara (similar here)
Bag | Gucci

I've been trying this thing lately called shopping my closet. I was doing pretty good until a few weeks ago when I fell off that wagon. Browsing Zara can be dangerous sometimes, and there's really no such thing as browsing. Oh wells. I can't wait til they get to my doorstep! I'm due for a haul video on my Youtube channel. So make sure to subscribe to see what are my latest additions to my closet. Or you can also follow me on Pinterest and pin my favorite pieces with me!



  1. Zara IS dangerous!! LOL, you just keep going back to it! Love these photos!! Your black outfit pops out on the pink background!

    1. Zara is my weakness, and there's no such thing as casual browsing LOL. Thank you! You know I'd be all over that pink wall haha.

  2. Gorgeous look! I've still yet to shop at Zara...I'm tempted, but I know once I start, I won't be able to stop lol!

    1. Oh mann... you're one of the lucky ones. But they really have some amazing stuff that's hard not to shop.


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