Thursday, December 12, 2013

Chunky Chunky

The past two weeks have been hectic. In between my full-time job, editing videos for my Youtube channel (bteedubs, check my latest videos here: DIY & LOOKBOOK), and attempting to still have a social life, I somewhat have sorta abandoned my dear old blog. As much as I try and want to do everything, I still wish the day doesn't only consist of 24 hours.

Chunky knit sweater | Joe Fresh
Cargo skinnys | Current/Elliot
Fringe bag | from a NY boutique
Boots | Zara (similar here)
Hat | Topshop

Aside from the days being short, what is up with this cold freezing weather? The temperature suddenly drops and winter swooped in all of a sudden. I was a bit unprepared since our fall and even winter here has been really mild to almost summer-like for the past few years. Thankfully, I brought back a couple of chunky knit sweaters from my trip to New York from Joe Fresh. I've never really heard of this brand until I saw it in SoHo. Apparently, it's a Canadian brand that made its way here in the States. The aesthetic of the clothes kinda reminds me of the Gap with the price point of H&M-ish. They have a pretty solid basic pieces that can easily be incorporated in any wardrobe. And I think that store wins the award of Most Friendly store... ever. Everyone was just so nice and so accommodating.

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  1. I love this outfit! It looks cozy. omg yea, the weather was crazy cold last week! I'm glad it seems a bit less cold than it was...


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