Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Closet Edit

In my previous post, I mentioned that I recently did a closet edit. For awhile now, I've been wanting to just go through my clothes and only keep the ones I'm still going to wear. I have also been good and haven't really shopped since my Black Friday and Winter Haul (which was about three months ago!). I just wanted to make sure that the things in my closet are still something I still love and will wear before having any more additions. Whatever didn't make the cut will be donated or listed on Poshmark.
One of my latest closet finds is this fuzzy, cropped sweater. I remember getting this sweater because I wanted a cropped sweater for layering. Sometimes, my closet is like a pandora box. I never know what I'll find. I've always though this sweater was cute, but like some of my clothing pieces, it gets lost in the pile. It really helps to go through your whole closet because you actually see what you might have forgotten. It's almost like coming home with new pieces from a shopping trip.

Going through my closet, I realize that I have clothing items that are very similar to each other. Half the time, it is just me being unaware of what's even in there. This is when I realize what a valuable tool my blog has been to me when it comes to keeping track of what I actually own. When I'm stumped on what to wear, all I need to do is scroll through my old posts to see which clothing item hasn't been worn lately and think about how I can re-style this into a different outfit.
For example, the last time I remember wearing this sweater was when my family and I went to Queen Mary to see the ice sculpture exhibit. That was probably two or three Christmases ago. I remember wearing this cropped sweater with some destroyed jeans, my Nike sneakers, moto jacket, and a beanie. Same sweater, but with a much different look and feel to it. And that's the beauty of fashion and personal style. It's about making clothing pieces your own with your own flare to it whether it's driven by your mood that day, another piece, or an event your attending. For me, the art in fashion is not so much about having a massive closet of clothes, but it's about wearing a piece more than once. How can you make it look different every time?

Spending some time editing my closet has made me realize that I have so many other pieces that needs some loving... that I have enough. This is by no means a declaration that I'm going to cut shopping all together. That's a little to extreme for me. It's mainly learning about being creative by utilizing what I have and not holding onto things if it no longer sparks joy.

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  1. Ooh this cropped sweater is a gem! Love the layering. I do the same thing! I often forget about what is in my closet, oops haha

    Enclothed Cognition/Bloglovin

  2. Loving all your layers.


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