Friday, February 19, 2016

Dash of Pink

Joe Fresh sweater (on sale for only $10!) / Black skinny pants / Armani Exchange jacket (similar) / Nordstrom scarf / Forever 21 beanie / Uniqlo socks / Nike sneakers / Balenciaga bag

Did you remember when I colored my hair pink before ringing in the New Year? It seemed like forever ago, but I decided to color my hair pink for 2016. I've always wanted to try pink hair but I couldn't do it since I worked at a conservative environment. So because it was the new year and new adventures, I figured why not just do it. It'll wash off it I don't like it.

Surprisingly, after dying my hair pink, it gave me a boost of confidence. It's funny how a little change can make such an impact. For some reason, it almost like having my hair pink was a slightly different me. I had a different attitude, and I suddenly had a different outlook on life. I don't know if it was just the dye getting into my pores or something, but it was a good thing.

For this outfit, my hair is part of the accessory. The pink stands out and brightens up my monochromatic look. It also slightly matches my socks :). By the way, these socks were amazing when it was freezing cold outside. They definitely kept my toes warm. I can't really speak too much about being cold when we've been getting spring weather lately, but I'm a California girl. Anything below 50°F is cold by standard.

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  1. Nice scarf and beanie :)
    Maria V.


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