Monday, May 09, 2016

The Grey Dress

Funnel neck dress Topshop

When you're strapped for time or always on the go, you're glad to have those easy peasy, versatile pieces in your closet. Lately, my rule of thumb when I'm shopping for clothes is "will this get me out the door quickly?" That holds true for this dress (the dress I'm wearing is already sold-out, but here's a similar version with sleeves). Maybe I'm slowly transitioning to a more minimalistic style when it comes to getting dressed with the pattern I'm seeing lately with my recent clothing purchases. I've been looking for simple details that will be easy to mix-and-match with my current wardrobe.

High neck dress topshop

Since this dress is pretty minimal, it becomes a blank canvas for my accessories. While I can easily wear this alone, it wouldn't be a shabby idea to accessorize it with my latest DIY creations which allows me to wear this dress in more ways than one.

I've scoured the intenet for some other similar versions of this dress that will have you swinging this spring and summer:

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  1. This look is so perfect for summer. I love to wear minimalistic pieces, it's so easy to get dress in this way :)

  2. Adorable look! This is just like what I wear day-to-day. Love it Anne!


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