Wednesday, May 11, 2016

DIY Chloe "Hudson" Inspired Tassel Bag (& How I Styled It)

And I'm back at it again with another DIY video! I've been seeing the Chloe Hudson Tassel Bag making its rounds on Instagram and other fashion blogs which inspired me to spruce up my old, plain handbag with some colorful tassels. This DIY is a cute and easy way to add some fun and color to your spring and summer outfit. Also, it gives your old bag a chance to see the light of day again.

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I really like how the tassels adds a nice touch of color and contrasts the brown bag at the same time. It easily gives that bohemian look and feel to it which makes the perfect music festival accessory.

For the bag, you can simply use whatever old one you have or maybe even thrift it.  In case you don't have one yet, here are some options for a bag that are less than $25:

It's up to you how much of the tassel you want. You make them longer or fuller depending on the bag you're using.

Watch Video:

DIY Tassel Bag (inspired by the Chloe "Hudson" Tassel Bag)


- Old, plain bag (buy here)
- Leather cord (multi-color)
- Eyelets
- Chain Rings
- Jewelry pliers (wire cutter, flat nose pliers)
- Scissors
- Measuring tape
- Belt hole puncher
- Eyelet pliers
- Gold jewelry wire


1. Cut two strands of two different colors leather cords for each ring. It’s up to you how long you want your tassel to be. I measured mine to be 17 inches long then folded each cord in half and cut it again.

2. Start with a single color and take both pieces cords and fold it in half.

3. Take a chain ring, and insert the leather cord in it.

4. Attach the cord around the ring by taking the ends of the cord and inserting it through the loop.

5. Repeat this step for the next color.

6. Take your jewelry wire and wrap it around below the loop of the tassels for extra security and for a subtle gold detail. Cut the wire using a wire cutter and clamp it down with a flat nose jewelry plier.

7. Repeat to make as many tassels you’ll need for you bag.

8. Moving on to the bag, using a belt hole puncher, punch holes in your bag depending on how many tassels you need to attach. You might need the help of scissors to get the hole cut out depending on the material of the bag you’re using.

9. Attach the eyelets with the help of eyelet pliers.

10. Using the jewelry pliers open up another ring to attach the tassels to the bag.

11. Link the ring through the eyelets.

12. Secure the ring by closing it up with the help jewelry pliers. Repeat this step until you’ve attached all your tassels to your bag.

Make sure to share your DIY creations with me on Twitter (@yummiebitez) or Instagram (@beautybitten) with the hashtag #DIYBITTEN, so I could see them!

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