Monday, May 02, 2016

DIY Choker Wraps (3 Ways)

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It's been awhile since my last DIY project. Choker necklaces or choker wraps has been trending lately. These necklaces are the easiest accessories you can possibly make. You can also put your own spin to it depending on your style. They're also so easy to make that you and your friends can easily make multiples of this together to last you until Fall.

And if DIY is not for you, you can also shop some of my inspirations for this DIY:

Watch the Video and Picture-by-Picture instructions after the jump.

Watch the video

1. DIY Simple Leather Wrap (video mark: 0:06)

*Inspired by this Free People Wrap Bolo


- Suede leather cord
- Measuring tape
- Scissors
- Bar charms


1. Measure 50 inches of leather cord (or however long you want it) and cut.
2. Insert charm tags on both ends.
3. Tie a knot on both ends to secure the bar charms.

Super easy! And this can add a simple flair to your outfit. You can wear this leather wrap bolo multiple ways: You can wrap it once, twice, or more. You also have the option of tying the ends to a ribbon or a knot for a different look.

2. DIY Choker Ring Necklace (video mark: 1:41)


- Suede leather cord
- Chain ring or any round object/old ring you have
- Jump rings (optional)
- Ribbon clasps
- Measuring tape
- Scissors
- Flat nose jewelry pliers


1. Measure around your neck, and then add an inch to the measurement. Cut two leather cord strings with this measurement.
2. Take the first leather cord and fold it in half, and place the loop through the ring
3. Take both ends of the cord and insert it through the loop. Make sure to pull it tight.
4. Repeat step to the 2nd cord.
5. Attach the ribbon clasps on both ends of the cord. Clamp it down using a flat jewelry plier.

Although this one is not exactly a wrap, you can easily layer this with the first and and third DIYs. If you're just into the whole 90's choker trend, you can easily wear this alone. This also looks great layered with another necklace.

DIY 90's choker necklace, DIY black choker necklace

3. DIY Choker Wrap Bolo (video mark: 4:03)

*Inspired by this Free People Raw Stone Leather Wrap Bolo


- Suede leather cord
- Silver charm beads (2 sizes)
- Scissors
- Measuring tape


1. Cut 50" of the suede leather cord (or desired length).
2. String smaller beads through the cord.
3. Take both ends of the cord and string the bigger bead on both ends. Pull the bead in the middle.
4. String one small bead on each end of the cord.
5. Tie a knot to secure the beads.

DIY bohemian choker wrap bolo

Hope you're having a great Monday so far! Make sure to share your DIY creations with me on twitter (@yummiebitez) or Instagram (@beautybitten) with the hashtag #DIYBITTEN, so I could see them!

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