Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Running Around

how to style joggers

Hi! I'm back! These past few days have been a whirlwind since I spent most of my hours at the YouTube Space LA for the NextUp program, and then I took off to New Orleans right after for a couple of days this past weekend.

If you haven't been following me on my social media (Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat [username: yummiebitez], and Facebook), I was one of the few that were selected for YouTube's NextUp program. It was as if I was back to college again with the whole essay writing to apply, and then just going to class every day to learn about different production techniques. I have to admit that some of the things I learned were a little bit extra for what I normally film, but it did give me some perspective and ideas on how other channels film their videos. I'm always curious how other channels come up with ideas for their videos or what's their thought process.

how to wear jogger pants
summer date night outfit idea

Also, just being in a room full of content creators who are looking to improve on their production quality is inspiring. After our "graduation," we were talking about how our five days together just breezed on by. I came in not knowing what to expect on the first day, and I left with new friends on the last day.

joggers nighttime style

edgy jogger pants look

Then, right after our graduation, I was off to catch a plane in LAX to head to New Orleans for the Essence Festival, but more on that later...

On to this outfit, I recently found these jogger pants in my closet while I was decluttering and down sizing my wardrobe. One good thing about going through your closet is that you find things you didn't think you owned. Ever since discovering this pair, these pants have been on a rotation on the reg. With a few accessories change, I can easily take this look from day (by wearing some super comfy sneakers like this one) to night time with some heels as seen above. And just the fact that these pants are extremely comfortable that they feel like PJs is enough reason for me to wear them over jeans.

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