Monday, July 11, 2016

Button Me Up

Zara lace sleeve top (similar) / H&M Button down skirt (similar) / Platform wedge sandals (similar - only size 5.5 and 6 available) / Karen Walker sunglasses / Chanel WOC

One of the things that excites me when something in my closet has carried over two seasons since I last bought it. This skirt might look familiar since I've styled this in my fall lookbook video last year. I like knowing that my shopping skills have improved over the years, and that I'm not just picking out super trendy pieces that will only last one season. When I'm shopping for clothes, I always ask myself: 1) if I can put together at least three different outfits with my existing wardrobe, and 2) if I can wear this for more than one season.

The first time I saw this 70s trend come back, the button down skirt, was last fall. It looks like it's here to stay for summer. Since I purchased this skirt last year, I found this similar one on H&M that will be a nice, bright, and fun pop of color for the summer. If you're more of a denim kind of gal, this denim version will be a cute addition to your summer wardrobe, and I'd pair them with these cork wedge sandals which is similar to what I'm wearing in this post.

The wedges I'm wearing were from ASOS ages ago. I get a lot of compliments and questions when I wear this pair. I really like them because they're so light and comfortable on my feet. The look of the sandals are also very simple yet striking. When I was looking for a similar pair, I found that these are very reminiscent of the Prada sandals. But if you're on a budget, this espradille pair is a great alternative for summer.

In other news, so I have been really good about not watching TV lately. But last week, I got sucked into a black hole and found myself watching two seasons of Suits back-to-back. Needless to say, that's what I did this weekend instead of going to Beautycon. After the last episode, I realized that I'm all caught up for the new season that's airing this Wednesday. Suits is just so addicting, and women's fashion is on point. I mean they are working in one of the biggest firms in Manhattan, so I wouldn't expect less from them. But aside from the fashion, the show is just sooo good. If you haven't seen it yet, you should start now!

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