Thursday, November 17, 2016

Green Bomber Jacket + White Sneakers

I walked my dog, Lionel, this morning and I can finally feel the brisk, cool air for fall. I'm a little excited about this because when I filmed my How to Style: Fall Wardrobe Essentials Lookbook video, it felt too much like summer. It was a little uncomfortable wearing all the layers in the heat. I'm just hoping that it'll stay this cold for Thanksgiving also.

As I've mentioned earlier, I just uploaded my 8 Fall Wardrobe Essentials + Lookbook over on my YouTube channel. It was something a little different than my usually lookbook videos since I only used the eight items that I talked about in the video to create eight different looks. I had a fun time mixing and matching these outfits while I was planning them out for the video.

I'm currently trying this "new" thing where I'm maximizing every piece in my closet right now. Ok, not really a new thing, but new to me since I used to think that I have nothing to wear even though my closet is full of clothes already. I thought that it would be a great challenge for me to think of different ways how I can wear each piece more than once (read: Minimalism: Why I Started).

Here's the first look from my latest video. I wanted to incorporate a good mix of casual and semi-dressy outfits for fall. Pairing these jeans from Topshop and my white mesh sneakers has been my go-to and favorite combination when it comes to easy dressing up especially when I just need to head out the door. I paired my jeans and white sneakers with my bomber jacket for an easy yet cool outfit.

My bomber jacket has replaced my military jacket (which was my favorite and go-to outerwear these past few fall seasons) as my grab and go outerwear for fall. The bomber jacket that I'm wearing in this post is no longer available, but I've linked alternative olive bomber jackets that are equally cute. Click on the image below to shop the items:

I'll be posting the rest of the seven outfits that were featured on my latest lookbook video. Pin it now, and save it as an inspiration later on days when you get stumped on what to wear.

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  1. Loved your bomber jacket. Really it look stunning.

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