Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Lookbook: Inspired by the Boys + Review: Aldo Lapilio Loafers

I have been on a lookout for loafers. For some reason, I really like their look despite it having that masculine look and feel to it. It's kinda like my whole obsession with oxford shoes.

I recently finally found a great pair of loafers by accident. It's funny how when you're not looking for it, that's when you find it (pretty much applies on anything in life). I just dropped by Aldo one day to peek, and there they were, patent loafers... on sale, and they had my size.

Review: Aldo Lapilio Loafers in black
Price: $44.98 (on sale) (buy here)
Available at: Aldo stores and online

Overall Thoughts: Oddly enough, I was drawn to these patent loafers. I try to stay away from patent leather sometimes since they can be pretty uncomfortable since they don't tend to stretch out unlike leather shoes. But once I slipped them on my feet, they were definitely the most comfortable flats I've worn to date. The lining inside the shoes has some cushioning which makes the shoes really comfortable. The fit is not too snug but it does have some wiggle room, but not enough that the shoes will fly out of my feet.

I was a little worried that I might end up with blisters on my heel since the inside has patent lining inside. But since the shoes weren't so snug and there was some wiggle room, the shoes didn't give me any blisters nor did it chaf. The soles are also very flexible which really helps with comfort when you're walking.

I really love how the whole look of these loafers. The light-colored thread stitching on the toe cap of loafers gives a nice contrast to the black patent leather as well as the brown rubber soles. They just look so simple yet so classic.

Ever since I got these shoes, I have been wearing them to work pretty often. Sometimes, I just want to be comfortable and not wear heels. I've also worn them walking around Old Town Pasadena. And I knew then that these would become my go to shoes.

These loafers also come in a cream color. I opted for the black ones (even though I really like the cream ones too) since I can pair the black ones more with what I have in my closet.

P.S. Check your local Aldo stores for the black patent loafers. They're priced a little cheaper in stores compared to the website ($39.98 vs $44.98).

White collared button down shirt: Forever 21 (size M)
Brown skinny trousers: H&M
Brown skinny belt: my mom's
Hayden necklace: JewelMint (referral)
Faux-fur three toned vest: H&M (size 6) (similar here and here)
Black patent loafers: Aldo (similar here)
Bag: Zara

This outfit was actually inspired by the shoes. I wanted to incorporate my new shoes to my outfit and thought that it'll make a good pairing with my H&M pants. Since my pants were a tad long,  I just folded them for a cuffed look.

And how excited was I to finally be able to wear this faux fur vest that I bought a few weeks ago. Up until the last two weekends, it was just way too hot for me to wear this furry piece. They actually make a great layering piece and has kept me pretty warm at night. You might be wondering what am I doing with a size 6 vest. It was actually the smallest size left that I found when I bought it. I didn't really mind either since it sits perfectly on my body. The back part of the vest was a little cropped, so I figured that if I had gotten a size 2 or 4 that it might be too short for me. I like it to be a little past my waist and not so cropped. I didn't feel like I was swimming in them, so a size 6 seemed fine to me. This is definitely a staple piece for me this Fall.

I really like this faux-fur vest so much that I decided to wear it again the next day. But that's another outfit post.

Thoughts: How do you feel about men's wear inspired outfits?


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