Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Wet 'N Wild 3-Pan Color Icon Palette (Review and Swatches)

So for the longest time, I've had these palettes stashed in my drawer. I took advantage of a previous Buy One Get One Free at my local Rite Aid by getting whatever palettes my hands can grab.

I have to admit that I was a little bit weary of trying these eyeshadows out. I have tried Wet N' Wild products before and I found them to be either too sheer or too chalky for my liking. So these palettes were definitely a sweet surprise when I found out that they were much better in quality than I had expected.

Click the link below for the review, product images, and swatches.

Ok, it's a given. The packaging is as plain as it can be. There's no frills or fuss. Just a clear lid cover and black casing to hold the eyeshadows. But I do find it to be really practical since you can easily identify the colors in a palette without opening. every. single. one. of. them. just to find out the shade you're looking for. The brush in every palette is always just some sort of a filler, so it's really no biggie that they're not even mediocre. Besides, you'll be using your brushes anyway.

However, I was really surprise with the quality and color payoff of these eyeshadows. The eyeshadows, for one, are buttery smooth. There were some fall outs on some of the eyeshadows, but for the most part, they were either minimal to none. I really like how they're also very easy to blend, but a little goes a long way for the darker eyeshadows since they are so pigmented. The only eyeshadow that I found that's more on the sheer side is the dusty rose color in the Knock on Wood palette. I think the color itself would make a nice lid color, but it was meant as a highlight color, so that's probably the reason why it was a little sheer.

Silent Treatment
Left to right:
Browbone: Shimmerry champagne
Crease: Dark chocolate brown
Eyelid: Taupe with silver microglitters

Cool as Cucumber
Left to right:
Browbone: Pastel mint green
Crease: Eggplant purple
Eyelid: Moss green

Knock on Wood
Left to right:
Browbone: Dusty rose (matte)
Crease: Brown
Eyelid: Cooper (satin)

These eyeshadows are really great for what you pay for especially when there is a sale. They're easily blendable and they have lasting staying power as I have worn some of them for the whole night and has lasted through the next day with a good primer underneath (yes, I was guilty of not washing my face).
I Dream of Greenie
Left to right:
Browbone: Shimmery pearly white
Crease: Aquamarine
Eyelid: Yellow green with gold microglitters
I'm Feeling Retro
Left to right:
Browbone: Shimmery duo-chrome white
Crease: Metallic aqua blue
Eyelid: Metallic pink with blue-ish undertones
I'm Getting Sunburned
Left to right:
Browbone: Metallic baby pink
Crease: Deep brown with microglitters
Eyelid: Metallic Gold

I do like how they're really affordable and they offer a variety colors. Since the packaging of these palettes are very minimalistic, it'll probably be better to depot these eyeshadows and put them in a magnetice palette for easier storage. I have previously also used these palettes to recreate looks of Nicki Minaj and Katy Perry inspired music video looks and the palettes yielded great results.

Wet 'N Wild 3-Pan Color Icon Palette
Available at: Major U.S. Drugstores
Price: $2.99

- pigmented and blendable eyeshadows
- affordable
- great variety of colors to choose from (from neutral to bold colors)

- some fallouts on some of the eyeshadows
- dusty rose eyeshadow in the Knock on Wood palette was a little sheer

Overall Thoughts: For the amount of what you're paying for each palette, they're a total steal... especially if you do wait for a buy one get one free sale. Just like the 6-color pan palettes, their quality is really impressive. I also like how the eyeshadows are color coordinated for a fool proof combination. It really helps when you can just look at your palettes, look at the colors, and decide which one you're in the mood for. No need to fuss.

Overall Rating: 4 out 5



  1. I love the Wet n Wild palettes, especially their limited edition ones. The quality is much better than what you expect for less than $5 makeup.

  2. Thanks for the swatches! I agree. WnW has such great pigmentation! I'm still amazed as well. ^^


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