Tuesday, September 06, 2016

White Stripes

Old Navy striped shirt (similar here and here) + shorts (similar) / Janessa Leone hat (similar)  / Equipment button-down shirt (similar) / ASOS belt / Converse sneakers / DIY Choker / Louis Vuitton Pochette bag

My summer-go-to uniform consisted of something like this: shirt + shorts + sneakers.

Day after Labor Day and I'm still wearing white. But these days fashion rules are meant to be broken, and to simply just let your personal style shine. This super comfy striped white tee has been a staple in my wardrobe. It's just super easy to wear with anything, and lately I've been really into anything easy.

However, speaking of not being easy (and completely unrelated to this outfit), I think I've taken on a super big task. My roommate has recently moved out of my spare room, so I've been repainting her old room and bathroom. I'm painting all the walls some shade of white (no stripes though). I'm turning it into my new office space,. It's slowly, but surely getting there. It's one of those things I just kinda wish it would be done and over with already. I ended up also repainting my doors (I'm still on the first coat for the first two) because the doors suddenly looked all drab and sad once I repainted my walls... so the doors needed some love too.

One thing you know, I'm doing a whole renovation of my condo. It's a little overwhelming, but I'm just trying to remind myself that it'll be ok, and that I'll finish this room at least by this week. I'm trying not to bite on more than I can chew. I just have to schedule it and work on it little by little. Oddly enough, I'm finding satisfaction in repainting the walls. It's also nice because my mom has been helping me with this project. She's been coming over to help. It's giving us time to hang out and bond while doing some house stuff.

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