Friday, September 16, 2016

Off the Shoulder Top

Happy Friday! I hope you guys have some awesome plans for the weekend. Summer is slowly coming to an end, and I'm starting to notice that days are getting shorter. I'm going to miss seeing daylight up until 8pm and wearing cute summer outfits. However, I'm also so ready for fall! But here's a cute summer outfit that I'm definitely going to miss wearing.

This photo is one of my backlog outfit photos. I remember shooting this in Malibu around 7:30 pm and the sun was just setting. We definitely caught the golden hour which made a nice back light  on my hair :). Anyway, this off-the-shoulder top was one of my favorite tops to wear in the summer (see it styled another way here). I was initially worried that it might slide off since I'm not blessed in that area. But the garter kept it together, and it was comfortable to wear and not too tight for me.

Quick fun fact about these photos, even though this was taken in the middle of summer, I remember it being super cold at that time that I was actually freezing my butt off. I had to play it cool (no pun intended) and make it seem that I'm just basking in the glorious sun. It's much colder when you're right by the water especially around sunset time. Not to mention the wind was blowing too.

By the way, I didn't mean to match with the background also. I just saw the blue door and was completely drawn to it. For some reason, it had a Santorini feel to me which is one of the places I'm dying to go to one day. Even these slides give me the vacation feels whenever I have them on my feet.

If you guys have been reading my blog, I've talked about minimalism in my previous posts. One of the reasons I'm really motivated to declutter is because I want to travel and explore the world around me a little more. Like I've mentioned before, I don't think I can completely just own a certain number of items. It's more of having a more manageable amount of items and not feeling overwhelmed. I still love my beauty and fashion products, so I don't think I completely give it up. Just because I've decided to live a minimal life doesn't mean I'm depriving myself. It just means I'm being more mindful about my possessions.

Some of you have asked what I did with some of my shoes and clothes. I'd say that 80% of it were donated or given away to friends and family who would find it useful, and 20% of it were either sold at consignment store or listed in my Poshmark closet. If you're interested in any of my pre-loved and excellent condition clothing items, please check out my closet! I'm still adding some items as I go through my decluttering process.

Anyway, I hope you guys are having a wonderful Friday! I'm going to hang out with my friend Crystal tomorrow. We're going to grab some brunch (which we haven't done in awhile), and shoot some outfit photos for fall. I still have to plan my outfits before I head out bright and early tomorrow.

How about you, what are your plans for this weekend?

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