Sunday, March 05, 2017

March 2017 Bullet Journal Setup

I can't believe we're almost a quarter way done with 2017! With the new month, means it's time to setup my bullet journal. Since March is usually known for St. Patrick's day, I decided that my color theme for the month would be green. Watch the video down below, so you can see how I setup my bullet journal for this month.

What's New in My Bullet Journal?

Brain Dump layout, To Buy log layoutBrain Dump and To Buy Log: I've recently added a brain dump and to buy log section in my Leuchtturm1917 notebook. I've previously just had a brain dump section in my monthly spread, but I found that some tasks that are not that urgent keeps getting carried over the next month. Instead of writing them down every time as I carry them over while I setup my bullet journal for the month, I've created a space where I can simply jot down any tasks or ideas that needs to be done some time in the future. I just need a place to write it down, so I won't forget. Plenty of times if I don't write things down, it gets lost in my head.

I've also dedicated a section for my to buy list. This serves two purposes: 1) keeps track of what I think I need to buy; 2) evaluate items if I still need to buy them once the urge has passed. I've been trying to curb any impulsive shopping urges, so writing it down first helps keeps the urge my spending in check. Ever since adopting the minimalism lifestyle, I only want to purchase things that I know will use. After you sift through your things you want to get rid of it, a pang of guilt hits you as you say good-bye to it. The guilt of wasted money, space, and resources associated to it. I've learned the hard way and I'd rather take a little bit more time evaluating whether it's something I really need or just something nice to have.

March Bullet Journal Setup

March Monthly spread March monthly spread

I've mentioned it a few times that I wasn't going to have a monthly spread anymore on my bullet journal. Well, I've changed my mind. I still keep all my scheduling of events and appointments on my Google calendar since I'll always have my phone, and it's still easier to reference it. However, having a quick page to look at to see what's coming up in the few weeks ahead really helps. I've implemented a vertical format instead of the traditional calendar format to mimic my weekly spread layout. I've also included my water tracker for the month in this calendar, so that I'm always referencing back to this page as I log my water intake daily. My previous problem was that I would create a monthly spread like this, and I would completely forget about it a week in to the month. Having my water tracker with my monthly calendar will help me stay on top of events and classes for the month.

I also have my monthly to do list on this spread to remind me of things I need to accomplish this month.

Social tracker

social tracker, sleep tracker, blog post log This is another tweak that I made in my bullet journal. Previously, I had my social media tracker in a vertical format. I changed the layout of this spread to see if I'll like the look and feel of this page better than my previous one. The intent of this page is to keep a running tally of posts that I create for the month for my social media platforms. I was previously writing down the number of posts that I did for that day, but for this month, I'm just going to shade the boxes in if I create one post for that day. Realistically, since it's just me running my blog and YouTube channel, I can only really produce one video or blog post per day. Anything more than one will be indicated by a numerical number for certain social platforms, such as Facebook and Pinterest, since I'm more likely to post multiple entries per day.

On the next page, I just have a more detailed post log for my YouTube and blog. I also have a Social Shares column that I can check off and remind me to share the post in my social media.

Time Log

Time log, activity log bullet journal
Nothing changed here from the past month. Although I didn't do a great job tracking my time towards the end of the month, I still like having this part of my monthly spreads as a reference where my time is going. It's just about remembering and building a habit of filling-in this page every time I perform a task related to certain areas.

The color coding I have created below coincides to the color coding that I have on my Google calendar to maintain consistency.

New-In Log and Daily Spread

New In Log, Daily spread
I've added a new-in PR mail for this month. I added it on the same page of new products I'm testing for the month section. Because of the nature of my work, brands and PR companies send me PR samples of products that will be launching or products for me to try. I want to keep a log of what came in for the month, so I can easily scan this page to see what products I currently have. I'm still in the process of organizing my office/beauty room, so sometimes things gets lost in the pile and I don't remember what I have. However, I'm pretty good about opening up packages and unboxing them as they come in. All I have to do is log them in my bullet journal I receive them.

I've dedicated a testing column next to it, so I know when I have started trying a new beauty product out. I can easily scan this log when it's time for me to do my favorites video.

On the next page is my first daily spread for March. This is where I write a more detailed to-do list for the day. It helps me work in sections and breakdown a big task into steps. This way I don't feel as overwhelmed and I feel more accomplished as I cross things down from the list.

And there you have it! This is my current March bullet journal setup. Hope you enjoyed the video and a complete look on this month's bullet journal. Feel free to share and pin this post for reference later. I've linked all my bullet journal supplies right below, so you can easily find and shop the items I use.
March 2017 Bullet Journal Setup, March Plan with Me



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