Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Going with My Animal Instinct

Boxed water is better... not when water tastes like paper. And do I spot another kitty?

hello bum.

I had to pixelate the goofy look.

H&M little black dress, leopard print blazer; Dolce Vita Jezebel Clogs; Marc Jacobs clutch; F21 earrings

This past weekend marks another year of my existence and another year closer to the quarter century. I didn't really plan on celebrating, but I did want to go First Friday in Venice. But this girl needed a birthday suit.

I haven't gone to the mall in ages and I usually do my window shopping online whether it'd be reading blogs or watching haul videos on YouTube. It really beats going through racks and racks of stuff. As I was perusing through the racks of H&M, I found the blazer that Pam featured on her latest haul video. I was a bit iffy about owning a straight up leopard print blazer, but it was surprisingly fierce after trying it on that I decided I must wear it on the eve of my birthday and has become my favorite blazer overnight. I mean it's only fitting right? Year of the tiger? Animal print blazer? yes?



  1. hi anne! love the outfit! you look great! belated happy birthday! =)

  2. MEOWWW! Very nice! I personally get intimidated by such bold prints but it doesn't look crazy bold the way you dressed it! You look stunning!!

  3. Hi anne You are awesome in this picture. You are looking great. Any way belated wishes for you.


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