Monday, February 07, 2011

Lookbook: Stud Muffin

Not going to lie, but I've worn the same ensemble before. But you guys haven't seen it so it only counts as once.

I didn't get to take proper pictures that day, so I had to steal these screen shots from my friend Jarmaine's YouTube video.  I'm glad she did an outfit of the day of me so at least you're able to see my somewhat favorite outfit (it must be if I have worn it twice already).

Miltary-inspired jacket, H&M (buy similar here)
Striped top, Cotton On (buy similar here)
Destroyed jean shorts, Hollister (buy similar here)
Black tights, Forever 21
Grey socks, H&M
Studded Military combat boots, Forever 21 (buy similar here or here)

Most of the items I'm wearing here were purchased a year or two ago. The only most recent purchase I'd say are probably the combat boots, but I found similar items online. My style on the weekends and weekdays are almost night and day sometimes. Thank goodness for the weekend because I can wear my favorite combat boots. Anyway, it's really not fair how I'm posting almost summer outfits.

FTC: All items on this post were purchased with my own funds.


  1. I am in love with this outfit of yours! If I had the same garments, I'd probably wear it more than twice! :)

  2. i love thh flowy tops and the boots. i actually found your blog through Bloggers (following you there) and I will be following you here too. feel free to check out my blog and follow too if you like.

    i also love your header!

  3. I love those boots. The studs make you look tough :)
    I'm a fan of the cammo jacket also


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